Renewal Anytime 10 Day Detox Lisa Consiglio Ryan



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Renewal Anytime 10 Day Detox  by  Lisa Consiglio Ryan

Renewal Anytime 10 Day Detox by Lisa Consiglio Ryan
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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Renewal “Anytime” Detox as a member of Beck Valley Books. All opinions are strictly my own.Sometimes your body just feels bogged down and sluggish and you may feel like you want to get the sludge out. Or you need to jump start your weight loss plan to get you really motivated. Or you just came back from vacation and maybe you didnt eat so well during that time.

Either way, its nice knowing that there is a way to give your body a little boost. A way that is healthy and doesnt take months and months. I like knowing that I can do a 10 day detox pretty much anytime I feel the need. Sometimes, I just want that little boost to make me feel better, like after being sick. This 10 day detox will work to get me back on track after being down and out.The recipes included are delicious and are foods that I want to eat, not just foods I need or have to eat.

I think that is one thing that makes this particular detox successful. While the foods can be pricey, they are things you are going to enjoy eating so its not going to feel like a big dip in your wallet like many weight loss systems do. If youre eating fairly healthy already, than you will have most of the ingredients in your pantry or fridge anyway.The book is written in a way that is easy to follow.

The recipes are quick and simple. I love how it is laid out. There is a FAQ section with answers to most commonly asked detox questions like what symptoms you may experience and where to purchase the required foods. There are daily instructions and the recipes for the day are broken down by breakfast, lunch and supper so youre not scrambling trying to figure out which recipe is for which time of day.

I love the smoothie recipes and recommendations for green juice. There are a few snack recipes too like Raw Strawberry Oat Bars and Raw Chocolate Pudding so if you have a sweet tooth, like me, you wont feel deprived. Instead, youll have a boost of energy with your sweetness! I also love that the shopping list tells you exactly how much of each ingredients youll need.I have the Nook version so Ill be printing this out and keeping it in my healthy recipes binder on my counter.

That way Ill have quick and easy access to recipes throughout the week, not just when I need a quick and healthy detox!

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