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Sheer Fetish  by  patti owen-slater

Sheer Fetish by patti owen-slater
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 259 pages | ISBN: | 6.50 Mb

Psychologist, Julie Preston, gets an early morning call from a client she has been treating for a stocking fetish. He was arrested shortly after a savage killing where the victim was tortured then strangled with Pantyhose. Patrolmen found her client wandering in the vicinity of the macabre crime with a pair of pantyhose in his pocket.Julie refuses to cooperate when her old friend Lieutenant Giacometti questions her about her client. Their paths continue to cross during the investigation of serial of killings where the victims have been lashed to their beds, beaten, disfigured, then strangled, with pantyhose.

Julie’s confidential files are ransacked and a dead body is found in her client chair. What information could she hold that would expose the killer who is terrorizing her? Is she in danger?This twisted serial killer carefully selects his victims. Is the killer her client?

Julie’s treatment sessions uncover the client’s more controversial disorder as she delves into his past. She attempts to cast out his demon, only to come face to face with a more sinister fiend who has been killing for fifteen years.The Homicide Squad diligently follows every lead to find the evidence that brings closure to the killer’s gruesome reign of terror.

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