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Topp Family Secrets  by  Michael Allen

Topp Family Secrets by Michael Allen
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Still reading this but when I tried to add it here on Goodreads, it was listed under another author-Anne Moore-and its the same story as the description on the cover pictured is right. On Amazon its only listed under Michael Allen. So Im confused !!Finished now and it was very,very good but there needs to be a sequel since it ended so suddenly. I read at the end the authors written under pen-names in the past so that cleared up that confusion, I think !!Its set in the 1930s through till the late 1950s and is about a girl called Grace and her sons and how and why they were conceived.

I did feel very cheated it ended so soon, though, and sort of skipped past important events in the family with nary a backward glance.In parts it could have been describing the lifestyle of John Haigh when it discussed the character of Ernest and the way he lived.Just past 50% into the book words started being missed out here and there which became annoying. Its like the editor had enough and couldnt be bothered to edit the second half properly !All in all, I really liked it.

A great story.

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