Family Matters: Stories of Inappropriate Relationships Ron Dawes


Published: September 20th 2014



Family Matters: Stories of Inappropriate Relationships  by  Ron Dawes

Family Matters: Stories of Inappropriate Relationships by Ron Dawes
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How can something so wrong feel so right. These relationships are so inappropriate, theyll get your blood boiling.Matty goes off to college, and in a cost saving move, her parents move her into an apartment with her older brother, who she idolizes.

As they share close quarters, their blossoming sexual needs wont be denied. Each chapter is hotter than the one before.In Moms Lust, mom and son share a bed at a motel, and son accidentally has a wet dream on her. As mom gets more aroused thinking about it over the week theyre together, she becomes more emboldened to seduce him, so she can take care of him as only mommie knows how.Winnie moves in with her Uncle Bob after her dad dies, and as she blossoms into a young lady, she accidentally seduces her uncle, and enjoys every moment of it.In Papa-san, a young girl, aching to realize her sexuality, convinces her single father to adopt a natural lifestyle.

As she introduces her friends to their lifestyle, he finds it more and more difficult to withstand temptation.In Brotherly Love, a younger brother busts his sister masturbating, and blackmails her into letting him watch. She resists, but he wont be denied.In Moms Milk a teen tastes his mothers milk and becomes aroused.

Both mom and son enjoy the special time they share together. Youll enjoy it too.

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