Etched in her Memory Sara Thorton



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Etched in her Memory  by  Sara Thorton

Etched in her Memory by Sara Thorton
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Grace Tiverton was a young, beautiful woman, who saw her life as typical. That is, until one wintery day, an unforeseen accident would bring her face to face with a man who was unforgettable.After a chance encounter brings them together, her world is changed forever.Grace, falling head over heels for Chris, finds herself torn between love and a married man. Will their forbidden love affair end how she envisions it? Or will the trials and tribulations of their relationship be too much for either one to handle?This 9k word story is a steamy romance full of tension, drama, and vivid sexual scenes.Warning, for adults onlyExcerpt-She stood in awe, unsure if she was dreaming or awake.

Gripping the handle, she carefully pulled open the door. Standing before her was Chris.She attempted to speak, but before the sound could travel any further than her tongue, he stepped in, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her to him. Intensely, he kissed her.Grace could only go with how she felt- she kissed back, softly caressing with her tongue.

He entered her home, shutting the door behind him.Their bodies shaking, Chris slowly started removing her clothes. First her shirt, pulling it up over her head, his eyes entranced by her beauty. Kissing her all over at the same time, Grace felt warm with excitement, their bodies becoming closer and closer. Running her hands down his chest, she felt the strength of his arms , his body glistening in the light glow of the moon in her living room. She ran her hands over each muscle in his back.

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